Spring Into Wellness Seminar!

May 8, 2018
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May 8, 2018 kimtorrance

Spring Into Wellness Seminar!

What a great day of learning and inspiration at the Spring Into Wellness seminar! Thank you to all of the wonderful speakers and attendees who participated.

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Pictures were taken by @memorable_treasures-photography

A special THANK YOU to all of the SPEAKERS – for the engaging and educational day we all had!

  • Dr. Denise Handscomb, ND. Co-Owner of Abaton Integrative Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine 101 : Your Guide to Healthy Living

  • Martina Tecic, BSc. (Hons.). Holistic Practitioner & Microscopist at Abaton

Integrative Medicine – Health and Disease Prevention

  • Tamara McIntyre, BSc. (Hons), R.H.N. , Holistic Nutritionist

“Detoxing – Is it necessary or just a myth?”

  • Andrée Bissonnette, BSc.HK, CSCS, CFST, Pn1. Director of Wellness at

Oakville Performance & Wellness

  • Brien Chamney, MHK, BA, CFSS, Pn1. Owner of Oakville Performance & Wellness

Fitness Benefits: Motion is Lotion

  • Veronica I., Intuitive Healer at Phoenix Healing Arts -Meditation Teacher and Yoga Instructor

Benefits of Yoga and Meditation

  • Jo Bennett, ACPC, ACC, Life Coach, Solomojo Coaching -Liberate Yourself From the Nonessential!

On hand that day to answer questions about their products

Renée Kerr from The Zen Boutique, with certified organic essential oils,

Kate Robichaud, Director at Beautycounter, with chemical-free skin care and beauty products

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