Corporate Events

Your company brand and professional reputation are priceless assets. When planning your corporate event, I align with your organization’s values to elevate your brand among your employees, clients, vendors, and industry players. My services include, but are not limited to, the list below.

Appreciation & Recognition Events

Your employees work hard – show them how much you appreciate their contributions with a thoughtful, memorable celebration.

Conference & Leadership Meetings

I take care of the organizational details such as venue, schedules, food, and accommodations, while you focus on what’s important: creating a business strategy that ensures your company’s future.

Client Appreciation Events

Your client relationships are crucial to your success. With my corporate administration and event planning experience, I can help you build customer engagement and advocacy.

Corporate Retreats & Team Building

Retreats and team building events can have long-term rewards but are often tricky to get right. I plan events that help you build employee engagement and strengthen your team.

Launch Parties

Make a splash for your newest product or service! I work with your internal teams to design a launch party that helps build industry buzz and consumer excitement.

What my clients are saying

Kim is Awesome!

I hope you know how much you are appreciated.

A wonderful role model

On behalf of the Pineland Students and parents I would like to thank one of the nicest people I have ever met.

This person has given lovingly, and always kept a bright smile and a positive attitude. She has been a wonderful role model for the community and has reigned as “ Parents of Pineland’s Queen, “ for three years. Kim, I know this is a very emotional time for you. You want to stay yet you know in your heart, that it’s time to move on to bigger and better things. The teachers and the grade 7 and 8 students have worked as a team and made a special gift for you to remember Pineland.

Your hot dog and pizza days were really neat, and the pop and chips were a real special treat.
Your skill and caring is well known to us all without you, Pineland’s money flow would probably fall.
Your aerobics classes were really well done, to bad our class only got to do one.
The Pantherama was a really big hit, due to the fact you’re the president of it.
So this poem is dedicated to you my friend, in hope that your days at Pineland will never end . . .

Thank you!

A quick note to thank you for everything you did to make our Area Managers meeting a huge success. I appreciate so much everything you do for us – so Unicorn Worthy!

She has a passion for her job and ability to get things done

Kim is a highly organized individual with a great capacity for work, significant attention to detail, and a “can do” attitude. Her passion for her job and ability to get things done was of great value to the business. Whatever you give her to do, she will figure out the most effective course of action and will rally the appropriate people needed to complete the task.

The “go to” person

What also stands out is Ms. Torrance’s project and event management skills. She was the “go to” person for the organization and managed all special events…for each project she took on, it was done on time, budget and executed flawlessly.

A very big thanks and best of luck goes to Kim Torrance

Thanks goes to the Parents of Pineland for a wonderful year of financial support. As a result of this groups fundraising events through the year, our students enjoyed all our musical and dramatic guests, new equipment, excellent lunch programs and resources/hardware to support a continuing emphasis on technology. A very big thanks and best of luck goes to Kim Torrance, the resigning P.O.P., President for her leadership and positive spirit she has brought to Pineland.

Communication and organizational skills

I find Kim to have excellent verbal and communication and organizational skills. She follows up and is passionate about what she does and she cares about her peers and the company.

Corporate Events Portfolio


High Tea Seminar- Wealth Management Options

Add a touch of vintage charm to your Corporate Event with this beautiful, handcrafted display board!

Made from reclaimed barn board and oak logs, the board’s warm brown tones and rustic chic feel make it the perfect statement piece for your event décor. Available to rent, the board is ideal for displaying seating plans, agenda items, photographs, treasured memories, loot bags, services offered, menus, directions and more.
Contact me for information on rates and availability.

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