Corporate Events

Your company brand and professional reputation are priceless assets. When planning your corporate event, I align with your organization’s values to elevate your brand among your employees, clients, vendors, and industry players. My services include, but are not limited to, the list below.

Appreciation & Recognition Events

Your employees work hard – show them how much you appreciate their contributions with a thoughtful, memorable celebration.

Conference & Leadership Meetings

I take care of the organizational details such as venue, schedules, food, and accommodations, while you focus on what’s important: creating a business strategy that ensures your company’s future.

Client Appreciation Events

Your client relationships are crucial to your success. With my corporate administration and event planning experience, I can help you build customer engagement and advocacy.

Corporate Retreats & Team Building

Retreats and team building events can have long-term rewards but are often tricky to get right. I plan events that help you build employee engagement and strengthen your team.

Launch Parties

Make a splash for your newest product or service! I work with your internal teams to design a launch party that helps build industry buzz and consumer excitement.

Check out some of the other Services I provide: